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Using Walk-in Closet Organizers to Add Classy Conveniences
Using Walk-in Closet Organizers to Add Classy Conveniences
April 30, 2018

Got your ideal walk-in closet all planned out? Now learn more about how walk-in closet organizers in Toronto can bring new found convenience to your life.


Shoe organizers – One of the most recognizable and obvious walk-in closet organizers in Toronto, shoe organizers and fences are a great addition to your closet. Particularly when angled towards you, they provide a convenient look at your collection and easy access.


Pop-up safe – A pop-safe or even something sited discreetly is one of the more essential walk-in closet organizers in Toronto. Keeping your valuables – jewellery, watches or what have you – safe and near you is a must-have convenience and feature.


Watch winder – Automatic watches are not only convenient they are a style statement too – unless of course yours hasn’t been wound. Automatic watch winders are a great addition as walk-in closet organizers in Toronto. With timed operations, these devices will rotate your watches a few times a day – without any intervention from you – and keep them wound for when you need them.


Lighting – Not a walk-in closet organizer per se, lighting fixtures are nevertheless a must have. Not just a single ceiling light, lighting strips along the inside of the closet can lend an airy and classy feel to the closet. That and you can actually see what you have in your collection rather than having to rummage around.


Ironing boards – Built-in ironing boards are a revelation – especially when you need that skirt or trouser ironed at a pinch. Fitted sturdily, they remove the hassle of having to maintain a space to iron separate from your clothes.


Valet rods – A simple rod mounted on a sliding system, a valet rod is a very useful convenience feature. Coupled with a tie and belt rack, you can keep you can keep your knick knacks neatly organized.


These are just a handful of walk-in closet organizers in Toronto ideas. At Closet Solutions we have a wide variety of accessories to make your walk-in closet experience that much more enjoyable. What’s more, when you design your walk-in closet with us, we show with a 3D-printed mockup how it’s going to turn out, allowing you to visualize the finished closet much better.

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